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PCCables.com Story

PCCables.com has a long and varied history. It was created, by Jay Kullmann, as a ham radio and computer enthusiast site for hobbyists building computers in the late ’80s. We began by marketing and selling thousands of cables to customers all over the United States, at computer shows and ham radio shows. We enjoyed helping folks find the right cables for the problems at hand. The personal computer industry was just blossoming and most of the general publics’ knowledge was limited. In 1996, we developed our online shopping website with 1000’s of products. We had the foresight to see the tremendous market and impact of online shopping, before all the big guys you know today, ie Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.. Currently, you see a classic site developed in the early ’90s with thousands of cables. Some people like to call our site retro, but we like to call it functional. We have grown so much, we now supply cables to almost every industry including healthcare and hospitals, education, government, and OEM applications. Our team is ready to help you with your needs, regardless if you are an individual personal computer user or a Fortune 500 company. PCCables.com Inc. remains relevant for the next generation of computer users.

Happy Computing and Sincerely,
Jay F Kullmann